"Furniture - couches/sofas, mattresses, dressers, tables, etc.
"Appliances - refrigerators, freezers, stoves/ovens, washers dryers, etc"
"Moving Remnants - boxes, packing material, un-wanted items, etc."
"Construction Debris - windows, doors, floorboards, drywall, plasterboard, lumber, metal, etc."
"Roofing items - shingles, tiles and corrugated iron"
"Garage, Shed Attic Junk - boxes, books, old tools, tires, etc."
Wood - fencing, firewood, old timber, etc."
"Yard waste - branches, tree and bush clippings, etc."
"Concrete - clean or mixed"
"Household Junk - from a single item to multiple truckloads"
"Office/Retail Junk - from a single item to multiple truckloads"
What We Do Not Take

Horton Hauls Junk

HORTON HAULS JUNK is your full-service junk removal company. We offer junk removal services for residential or commercial business including but not limited to offices, retail locations, construction sites, apartments and more. 

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