To meet our responsibility, Horton Hauls Junk and those with whom we work with are guided by these following guiding principles

Our Responsibility

  • RESPONSIBLE STEWARDSHIP Sustain or surpass all applicable environmental requirements. Constantly enhance our own standards to protect and reduce damage to the environment when laws and regulations do not provide adequate guidance. Ensure our employees and partners understand their roles and responsibilities in facilitating and sustaining Horton Hauls Junk’s environmental beliefs and vision for a safer planet

Our Commitment

  • RECYCLING COMMITMENT Horton Hauls Junk is committed to recycling. We are constantly trying to find new ways to improve our recycling habits. Currently, our goal is to recycle 80% of the material that we collect. We are especially interested in finding better ways to recycle e-waste. E-waste is a broad topic of electronics. Some examples are monitors, computers, TVs, computer screens etc. Together we can make a difference, so do your best to make responsible decisions when disposing of junk.  Please call 419-299-4210 or request a quote. and see how Horton Hauls Junk can take care of your recycling needs.  We partner with many recycling agencies in the Metro Toledo area.  We want Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan to be clean and green!

WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE JUNK THAT WE REMOVE? We sort the items and determine the most efficient and honest way to dispose of them. For example, Our truck teams take reusable items to the appropriate partners, including but not limited to local recycling centers. Second, We send refurbished  items to local charities.  Finally, We send the rest to the nearest landfill. Horton Hauls Junk is  dedicated to responsible junk removal and hauling. We believe what we do today affects all of our tomorrows. Our corporate commitment impacts society such as, the environment, our people – customers, and employees. We are committed to  improving our environmental performance, by implementing and maintaining metrics to better monitor our activities