Painless Junk Removal On Your Schedule!

We’re experts in residential junk removal and hauling. Create space and reduce stress! Horton Hauls Junk will take your unwanted items, bulk furniture, or junk anywhere in your home, garage, shed, attic, crawlspace, or basement. Just show our professional uniformed truck team where and relax! We eat and breathe junk removal and hauling.

Appliance Removal

Excess Appliances

We take refrigerators, freezers, stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers, and AC units. We will properly remove all Freon to help preserve the atmosphere. Horton Hauls Junk will ensure that all items hauled away will be recycled or disposed responsibly. Our junk removal and hauling service will leave you amazed! No hassle! Just call!

Carpet Removal

Looking to replace or remove old carpet and padding from your home?  Horton Hauls Junk can help. First, we will remove and responsibly dispose of all carpet and padding anywhere on your property. That’s how we roll… pun intended. Second, we will remove strips and nails, thus allowing you to install new carpet or flooring.

Furniture Removal

furniture removal

Old couches and sofas, loveseats, armoires, recliners, tables, desks, dressers, and chairs; Horton Hauls Junk can take those. Enjoy your new furniture we will take away the old! Schedule today!

Mattress Disposal

King-size, queen-size, whatever the size, we will remove and dispose of responsibly any mattress and box-spring no matter where! Horton Hauls Junk will also disassemble and take away all bed frames. Junk removal and hauling is our passion! Therefore, save your back and use ours instead, please!

Yard Debris Removal

Piles of leaves need to disappear? Our professional truck team can handle branches, tree remnants, even old rocks and bricks. Call now! Or book online!

Trash Removal

Trash can accumulate from moving out or moving in. We get it.  Our truck will arrive with bags and brooms to remove any trash on your premises.  We will also remove items left in cabinets, refrigerators, and closets.  No matter where it is located, we will remove it in a timely and efficient manner so you can get to the more important things.

Commercial Services

Whether your office, warehouse, or storage space is overloaded with junk, call us so we can help you clear space.

Property Managers

Excess Appliances

Time is money. For instance, have your past tenants moved out and left old furniture or appliances behind? We act fast and efficiently to haul them away so you can prepare your units for new renters.


Sell your client’s home faster and earn more commissions, in other words, more money. With the time you will have saved, you could sell more properties.  Courteous and conscientious uniformed truck haulers are ready to go! Let Horton Hauls Junk haul away the junk the previous owners left behind.

General Contractors

At Horton Hauls Junk, we handle all types of construction and renovation debris such as drywall, carpeting, concrete, tile, brick, roofing material, fences, shingles, and dirt with our large trucks.


Thinking of getting a roll-off container or open-top dumpster? Remodeling a client’s bathroom or kitchen? We offer an alternative to dumpster rentals. Let us haul away your junk i.e., old sinks, bathtubs, toilets, tub enclosures, etc. We handle all the labor and we sweep up afterwards.

Office Clean-Outs

Horton Hauls Junk offers convenient removal of office furniture. Our truck team members can disassemble and remove cubicle work stations, remove old copiers, desks, tables, and chairs. We haul away junk items in an efficient and professional manner so you can focus on your business.

Storage Units

Out of sight, out of mind. Sometimes we have the best of intentions and the stuff that we keep in storage we plan to store temporarily, but life happens. New furniture, new fashions, and styles arrive. Or maybe you just are too tired or overwhelmed to deal with it.