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Garage Cleanout Services

Don’t you just hate your neighbor Andre? I mean, you know the type. He always has a manicured lawn and a super-clean garage. Whenever you drive by Andre’s house with the garage door open, it’s absolutely spotless! There are shelves on the walls with items all neatly arranged. There’s a well-organized worktable. There’s even room to park cars in there, with plenty of room on both sides! Good grief! Where does he get the time for all that? When you arrive at your home, you click the garage door opener, not to park the car inside, but just so that you can go in through the side entrance. Embarrassed, you quickly shut the garage door behind you as you navigate a narrow path trying not to trip over stuff. 

Instead of hiding your clutter, why not do what Andre did? He called Horton Hauls Junk & More, a highly reviewed junk removal company, for a total garage cleanout.

Horton Hauls Junk offers trouble-free garage cleanout services on your schedule. Our professional truck team will arrive ready to work. They will handle all the labor, loading, hauling away, organizing, disposal, and recycling of your items. All you have to do is tell us how you want your garage to look, point to the items you need removed or re-located, and we will handle all the heavy lifting and hauling away. We will clean up your garage and get rid of all the unwanted clutter lying around so that you can reclaim the space in your garage. Now you can start parking your car in the garage where it rightfully belongs, instead of on the curb or driveway. 

garage cleanout services

How Does it Work?

We offer fast, efficient, and when available, same day service. So Book online now! Or Give Us A Call us at 419-299-4210. We will get you on the schedule at a day and time most convenient for you.

First, you will receive a 20–30-minute text alert we are on our way. Second, our team will meet with you at your home to discuss the scope of the job before work begins. Once you agree with the price, we start work immediately. It’s that simple!


We base our pricing on an hourly rate with a two-hour minimum. After two hours, we will bill you at a prorated cost every 15 minutes. The rate will start once our professional truck team arrives onsite.

Our crew will bring contractors’ bags. They will bag all trash and debris so you can just relax. Don’t worry, we have enormous trucks to carry vast loads.

We remove almost everything from garden supplies, unwanted tools, boxes, and even dried paint. We will even take away certain chemicals except for harmful liquids like wet paint, kerosene, or gas.

We recycle or donate the unwanted items in your garage whenever possible. The rest will be disposed of responsibly. (See for more details.)

We offer same-day service when available. We will give you a 2-hour window. Then, you will receive a text alert 20-30 minutes before our truck team arrives at your location.

We have secure mobile card readers, so you can pay however you want whether by credit, debit, or even cash. In some instances, we may take local checks. You can also apply for credit.

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