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Mattress Disposal & Removal

Our mattress is like a best friend it always got our back (or stomach or sides you get our point).
It is often recommended to replace our mattress every 8 years, but this may vary on the quality, usage, and comfortability of the mattress.
Many now have memory foam mattress that conforms to our body that aids in our nocturnal endeavors. 

If your mattress(es) has reached its end of life and you are ready to put it to rest what is the best way to dispose of it?  How will you go about it? 
Many landfills are littered with unwanted old used mattresses and bed frames.  Oftentimes they are stained, smelly, and awkward to handle.  Depending on the size especially, queen and king sizes, mattresses, bed frames, and box springs can be extremely heavy as well. 

Some municipalities limit the disposal of mattresses or charge hefty fees. Apartment complexes may not allow you to place your mattress in the dumpster confounding the situation.
Another factor to consider is bed bugs this will create a need for added caution and protection. 
So how can you resolve this mattress conundrum?
Call the mattress disposal & removal experts at Horton Hauls Junk to remove soiled used mattresses.
For residential or commercial accounts in the Metro Toledo, Ohio area.

Mattress Disposal

Call In The Support

Horton Hauls Junk, Toledo Ohio’s premier junk removal company, understands your hectic lifestyle.
The last thing you want to do is deal with a dirty heavy mattress. 
Our professional truck team members will retrieve and responsibly remove and dispose of your unwanted mattresses, bed frames, and bed sets no matter the location. 
Even if you have flights of stairs, we will mount them and carefully remove them from the premises and load them into our junk removal trucks.  We will work to recycle or even donate your used mattresses so that we can show respect to our home Earth so the landfill will be our last option. 
We work with residential and commercial properties no matter where your junk items are located.
Attics, basements, garages, and storage units no mattress is safe if you want it gone. Apartments, hotels, and multi-rental units.  We offer convenient scheduling options and can adjust to your schedule. 
When we arrive, we will give you a free estimate at no commitment to you.
If the quote is accepted, we will start work immediately working quickly so that you can relax. 

We will remove and dispose of your unwanted items.
Our junk hauling teams are fully licensed and insured so you don’t have to worry about any damage to your property – we got you covered. 

Our pricing structure is based on the volume your items take in our trucks and will be explained in detail by our truck team members. 
We offer various payment options and accept all major credit cards.

We pride ourselves on service, as a locally owned company we care about you and our community.

The Horton Hauls Junk & More Difference

We are here for all your mattress disposal needs.
Notice the difference:

– Same Day Service

– Free Onsite Estimates

– Convenient Secure Payment Options

– 5-star Rated Customer Service

– Uniformed Truck Team Members

– Responsible Mattress Disposal

– Licensed and Insured

Working with our customers to help them with their junk hauling needs is our passion. 
Convenient booking and scheduling options make working with us the best option.

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