Sage Advice The Merits Of Downsizing!

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Time Waits For No One

There are circumstances in life that cause one to give pause and reflect on words spoken to us from the distant past. Words that at the time spoken, resonated and gave pause for examination. Basically, I respect you and I esteem both your wisdom as well as your experience. I understood in that moment that one day I would fully appreciate the value of those words from a dear friend. So, I shelved them. Ah you’re probably wondering… what was the sage advice I received? Well, it went something on the lines of “Danielle when you reach your forties, honey it is time to start downsizing!” Yes, that advice came to me from a precious sister-friend who was well into retirement and let’s say over the course of many years had seen a thing or two. She went on to relate how time speeds by and before you know it you’ve reached an age where life’s changes are suddenly upon you, as well as, unforeseen circumstances. Not to mention, the inevitable eventuality of all mankind death, leaving a love one with a house full of stuff to reckon with.

The Realization

Those words have never rang truer in my life than right now. Well into my forties, (“my…how the time has flown by!”). I have experienced a series of life changing circumstances that caused me to reflect on the wisdom of her words like never before. Aside from a wealth of experiences gained in our venture into the junk removal business, my husband and I, learned firsthand the value of this timely advice. Recently, while living in Virginia we lost 90% of everything we owned to a mold problem. Whilst I’ll spare you all the hairy details (pun definitely intended.) it made us realize that we really didn’t need any of the things we lost! Not even our $$$ Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams pearl leather sectional sofa!! Don’t get me wrong, the thrifty gal that I am landed it for let’s say $, but to be clear, it was flawless, only 2 years old with the papers still stapled to the bottom!!!! (tsk tsk!) OK, I digress…the point is, We had to ask ourselves what do we really need to be truly happy?
When we were getting rid of all our STUFF, I realized that’s all it was, stuff. I mean, I’m clearing out dresser drawers thinking to myself why do we even own this? Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand clutter, after all we’re in the junk removal business! The funny thing is I thought I was a minimalist to some degree but at the end of the day I had no idea how much we’d accumulated and how weighed down we felt until we needed get rid of some of our prized possessions. It was quite liberating actually if I must say so myself.

Who Has The Time?

Fast forward to today. Several years now having passed with Horton Hauls Junk. We’ve met thousands of people and hauled away thousands of tons of junk. My perspective on STUFF has only become keener, more refined because we have been in the position to help so many people de-clutter, let go, and move on. We’ve seen firsthand with our own experience, as well as, that of our customers how this process of decluttering and downsizing can be exhausting, overwhelming and not to mention time consuming. I mean you’re a soccer parent. Do you really have the time or energy to be confronted with uncle Richards 25-year-old 400 lb. sofa bed, on the third floor for crying out loud? While it’s true that our society is moving more toward minimalism our parents and their parents…not so much! Let’s face it, they were of the golden generation where nothing was thrown away. Nothing. Not in 50 years! And this is the home which you’ve now been bequeathed. Downsizing is not always an easy thing to do. For some, they’ve simply been given no choice.

Lesson Earned

Horton Hauls Junk has matured me and caused me to grow in empathy. It’s very rewarding to have helped so many individuals whose lives were suddenly changed, and who were overwhelmed by possessions, be it their own or those of someone they love, or quite possibly someone who left them in a lurch. If you find yourself in any of the aforementioned circumstances, or if you’re, like me have reached your forties and find value in “that sage advice” call Horton Hauls Junk Today and let us help you with all your junk removal needs!

Why Professional Junk Hauling?

The Junk Conundrum

We live in a do-it-yourself society.  Pride in what we can accomplish ourselves is one of the most identifying characteristics of American culture. We like to be able to say, “I did that.”  The DIY movement is a perfect example of this. Why pay other people to do what we can do ourselves? This is all well and good, up to a point. But most reasonable people accept that, after that point, it is better to pay a professional to do what we acknowledge is beyond our ability. We can likely change a light bulb. Perhaps with some research and with caution we can wire in a new light fixture. Completely rewiring our house and changing the breaker box, on the other hand?  For most of us, that would be a no.  We prefer to do the Electric Slide on the dance floor, and not after hitting a hot wire with pliers on our metal ladder. One accepts that serious electrical work is beyond the scope of our abilities, and thus are willing to pay a professional to ensure the work is done correctly and well. What about junk hauling? You may ask yourself, “Who calls somebody else to come throw their junk away for them?”

The Reasons For Hiring A Junk Removal Company

Well, the answer is many people with varying circumstances. There are elderly people who just don’t have the physical strength to move heavy things around anymore. There are those whose relatives have died and whose house is full of stuff that must be cleared away. There are parents whose children have left home for good, leaving rooms of furniture that could be put to better use elsewhere. Sometimes people have moved at short notice and need to arrange for the clean-out of their old house, apartment, or storage unit. Who uses professional junk hauling?  Everyday people who realize that because of their circumstances or abilities they need to hire a professional to do the work for them. Even people with the ability and circumstances to remove their own junk come to see that there are hurdles to what should be a simple process. For example, many municipalities have complicated rules about what can be disposed of and when.  In some places, you must make an appointment for bulk trash pickup and you cannot put the junk out until a few hours before that appointment.  In other places, such a bulk collection program does not exist and homeowners can face fines or fees for leaving junk curbside. The same applies for people who live in apartment complexes—the penalties can be steep for dumping around dumpsters. So why not load up a truck and head to the landfill yourself?  Not so fast—although the rules vary by where you live, most often you cannot just drive up to a landfill and dump. If they even accept household waste (there are some that don’t), many of them require you to register an account and then you must pay a fee. These obstacles are exactly why professional junk hauling companies exist. Why professional junk hauling? And more specifically, why Horton Hauls Junk & More?

The Practical Solution

Simply put we take care of all the headaches—the labor, the clean-up, the disposal, the recycling, the donation, every aspect of junk removal. You don’t even have to drag your junk to the curb. Our uniformed truck team will carefully remove it from wherever it is on the property. With same day service as well—no waiting a week or two for an appointment, unless you want to schedule in advance, which we can also do. One thing that we sometimes hear from customers is, this service costs a little bit more than I expected.  We hear you. At the end of the day, Horton Hauls Junk is a small local business with employees who work hard. Our core philosophy is that hard-working people deserve a living wage. Even so, our prices are extremely competitive!  What do you get when you pay for professional hauling with Horton Hauls Junk?

Instead of random guys with a pickup truck from who-knows-where traipsing through your house, you get uniformed, drug-tested and background checked haulers who are courteous and respectful. They are trained to carefully remove items without causing damage, and they clean up after performing the service. Our company is licensed and insured, giving our customers peace of mind that they are dealing with a legitimate business. And our customer service is top-notch. Just consult our Google reviews: with a five-star rating average. So when it comes to junk hauling, do you do-it-yourself or do you call the professionals? Weigh the pros and cons against your abilities and circumstances. If you find, as many people have, that it’s worth it to call in a professional service, go with the company with the best customer service and the most competitive prices. Go with the best in the business: Horton Hauls Junk & More!

Recycling With A Re-Purpose

Recycling at home is an easy way to significantly help the environment by reducing the amount of waste you are sending to area landfills and incinerators. Recycling also aids in conserving our natural resources and prevents pollution by reducing the need to use new raw materials. By getting your family involved in the recycling process you are ensuring that they are cultivating a life-long habit that will help sustain the environment for generations. Here are the basics:

  • Most of us have a local recycling program in our communities, either curbside pickup or locations where we can drop off our recycling. Find out the specifics of your local recycling program by checking your city’s website for information on recycling. You can also check for recycling locations in your area.
  • After you discover what kind of recycling program is available in your city, find out what can and cannot be recycled in your local recycling program. The basics are paper, glass, aluminum/steel and plastic. Find out specifically what plastic materials are accepted and how you need to sort your recycling.
  • If you have curbside recycling, find out what day of the week the recycling will be collected and if it will be collected weekly or every other week. Circle the day on your calendar or put a reminder in your cellphone. There aren’t many things more frustrating than having the recycling truck wake you as you realize you forgot to take it out to the curb.
  • If you do not have curbside recycling, find out the location of your closest recycling center and what things can be recycled there. Make sure you have a location designated in your home for all your recycling and make it a priority to get to your recycling center at least once every two weeks depending on the amount of recycling your household generates. Already recycling? Here are some tips to take your recycling to the next level:
  • Look for products that contain recycled content or can be recycled. Supporting companies that use recycled materials will ensure that more products will be made utilizing recycled materials.
  • Recycle your organic waste by composting. Composting is a great way to recycle garden and kitchen waste like plant trimmings and kitchen scraps. Making compost is an easy way to reduce the organic waste going to your local landfill and gives you nutrient-rich compost to add to your soil. Some cities offer compost bins at a reduced rate or you can find a variety of compost bins at your local gardening center.
  • Recycle your gently used clothes, books, and other household goods by donating them to a local charity’s thrift store. Most charities will be happy to come to your home to pick up your donation.
  • Avoiding buying products that contain hazardous materials. It takes some planning to recycle products that contain hazardous waste since you cannot throw hazardous materials in your garbage and you can’t put them in your recycling bin. Strive to find safer alternatives to household cleaners and buy non-toxic products whenever you can. – See more at:

Our New Website and Blog

Horton Hauls Junk is pleased to announce our newly designed website and blog. We fill that our customers deserve the best so we upgraded our website to make it cleaner and more user friendly. In addition to our new design we also created a new blog. We intend to use this blog to update you our customer with interesting tidbits on various subjects ranging from DIY to organizing your garage. We also share other articles from other sites that we feel will benefit, save money and time. Horton Hauls Junk prides itself on customer service. We will use this site to update on company information such as new hires or even interesting antedotes. We would love to here from you on how we can improve on our service and performance to ensure you have the best experience.

Spring Cleaning for the 21st Century

Something about spring makes people feel renewed and ready for a positive change. Warming weather, blooming trees, gradually lengthening days—everything seems to naturally signal the need for a fresh start. Which leads us to what for some people is a cherished ritual: spring cleaning. But is it as cherished as we think? Or do some people dread the prospect of spending an entire day off doing housecleaning?
This is spring cleaning as we know it: a whole family wakes up early on a Saturday morning to clean their entire house from stem to stern. No toaster oven is left crumby, no baseboard is left undusted. Gutters are cleaned, paint is touched up, and at the end of the day the family can relax and order pizza, satisfied that their team effort yielded a sparkling clean house… or so goes the idealized vision. But not everyone has a family with members old enough or able enough to tackle big cleaning tasks. Some people work on Saturdays—or every day. Not everyone has the time to “spring clean” in the way we traditionally think.

The fact is, there are people who don’t or can’t do a spring cleaning in a traditional sense. But there are real advantages to doing a deep house cleaning. For one, once a house is completely clean, the maintenance is easier, requiring only a few minutes of touch-up work every day. Also, if you rent and move fairly often, a deep clean in the middle of the year significantly reduces the stress of packing, moving, and cleaning when the lease is up.

But how can busy people of the 21st century achieve the satisfaction of a very clean home without having to sacrifice their entire hard-earned day off? To answer this question, we take a lesson from kitchen cooks and construction workers. What could they possibly have in common, you ask? Before beginning the major work, both cooks and builders prepare. They look ahead at their recipe or their blueprints, set up the materials they need beforehand and keep them in easy reach. But how does that preparation translate into spring cleaning?
In reality, spring cleaning does not involve a lot of actual cleaning. It really is more about purging and organizing—two preliminary activities that can help prepare for deep cleaning. Purging and organizing can be done in short periods over the course of about a week. Rather than spending a whole day (or two) going from room to room sorting, organizing, and then cleaning, that preparation will make the actual cleaning day much shorter and smoother.

Let’s take the kitchen for instance. Deep cleaning the kitchen will probably involve wiping down all surfaces, cleaning the stove, oven and refrigerator, cleaning cabinets and drawers, possibly polishing fixtures like cabinet doors or stainless appliances, and then cleaning the floors. By itself, that list seems time-consuming. How can a short period of preparation beforehand make that job less stressful? Taking one hour to throw away expired or inedible food, widowed plastic containers or lids, and to arrange the cabinets allows you to focus solely on cleaning when the day arrives. This same preparation can be performed in every room: before the cleaning day, set aside 30-60 minutes to purge what you don’t need and organize what you will keep. (Of course, if you’ve decided to part with big items like furniture, mattresses, heavy fitness equipment or huge piles of clothes, Horton Hauls Junk is ready to dispose of all of it for you)

On game day, the day you schedule your spring cleaning, the hardest part has already been done! Now, the focus can just be on just cleaning very well. How long it takes to clean will depend of course on how many people are helping, how large the rooms are and how many rooms there are to clean (and how dirty they were to start with). But with short periods of preparation ahead of time and with an early start, even the most thorough spring cleaning can be finished before too much of the day has passed. You could even have time to go out and enjoy that beautiful spring weather that gave you the crazy idea to spring clean in the first place.