How To Make Relocating As Painless As Possible

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Relocating And Downsizing In Modern Times

“Mr. Gorham, can you and your wife meet me in the conference room at 4:00?” asked my boss with a rather serious look on his face ( Little did I know that this was the starting point of us downsizing and relocating). Now I have been asked to come to the conference room for a meeting thousands of times before as I have worked for this company in New York for 31 years. But most of the time the meeting invitation came electronically, via a telephone call, or a co-worker yelling down the hall.

This time, my boss came to my office, sat down in my guest chair to deliver the request personally. And why does he also want to meet with my wife? We both work for the same company but not in the same department. That’s a strange request. This can’t be good. Or can it? My story will hopefully provide insight on how to survive downsizing and relocating. Read More… “How To Make Relocating As Painless As Possible”

Sage Advice The Merits Of Downsizing!

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Time Waits For No One

There are circumstances in life that cause one to give pause and reflect on words spoken to us from the distant past. Words that at the time spoken, resonated and gave pause for examination. Basically, I respect you and I esteem both your wisdom as well as your experience. I understood at that moment that one day I would fully appreciate the value of those words from a dear friend. So, I shelved them. Ah, you’re probably wondering… what was the sage advice I received?

Read More… “Sage Advice The Merits Of Downsizing!”

Why Professional Junk Hauling?

The Junk Conundrum

We live in a do-it-yourself society.  Pride in what we can accomplish ourselves is one of the most identifying characteristics of American culture. We like to be able to say, “I did that.”  The DIY movement is a perfect example of this. Why pay other people to do what we can do ourselves? This is all well and good, up to a point. But most reasonable people accept that, after that point, it is better to pay a professional to do what we acknowledge is beyond our ability. We can likely change a light bulb. Perhaps with some research and with caution we can wire in a new light fixture. Completely rewiring our house and changing the breaker box, on the other hand?  For most of us, Read More… “Why Professional Junk Hauling?”

Recycling With A Re-Purpose

Recycling at home is an easy way to significantly help the environment by reducing the amount of waste you are sending to area landfills and incinerators. Recycling also aids in conserving our natural resources and prevents pollution by reducing the need to use new raw materials. By getting your family involved in the recycling process you are ensuring that they are cultivating a life-long habit that will help sustain the environment for generations. Here are the basics: Read More… “Recycling With A Re-Purpose”

Our New Website and Blog

Horton Hauls Junk is pleased to announce our newly designed website and blog. We fill that our customers deserve the best so we upgraded our website to make it cleaner and more user friendly. In addition to our new design we also created a new blog. We intend to use this blog to update you our customer with interesting tidbits on various subjects ranging from DIY to organizing your garage. We also share other articles from other sites that we feel will benefit, save money and time. Horton Hauls Junk prides itself on customer service. We will use this site to update on company information such as new hires or even interesting antedotes. We would love to here from you on how we can improve on our service and performance to ensure you have the best experience.