What happens to your Junk?

Our overall commitment to the communities that we work in, is that we haul and dispose of junk in a responsible manner. Therefore, we try our best to recycle or repurpose the items we haul. For instance, we will always try to donate gently used items to donations centers in our service areas. However, we recognize that not all items can be recycled, donated, or repurposed despite all our efforts to do so.  

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What we do with your junk?

  • We will never illegally dump your items.
  • Our truck team members will protect and secure items in our trucks to minimize or eliminate polluting our local service area.
  • We will only use licensed and sanctioned facilities to dispose of your junk.
  • Understanding the unique dangers Horton Hauls Junk will never take hazardous material or biohazardous materials. For instance, we will not haul wet paint.
  • Appliance with refrigerants will have Freon properly removed.

Why We Care?

Earth is our only home. Thus, Horton Hauls Junk understands the importance of being good stewards of the place we call home. For example, all our truck team members receive substantial training on how to separate items for proper disposal or recycling.
First, clothing or gently used furniture go to local charities.Next, we haul all metal to scrap yard facilities to be recycled.
Finally, we try to repurpose some of the items so that they can have a new life if possible. However,  not everything can be handled this way. Thus, we dispose of your junk environmentally and legally.

Horton Hauls Junk Commitment to Earth

You have our assurance that we will do everything that we can reasonably do to remove and dispose of your junk. For example, we set goals that over sixty percent of what we haul will be recycled. We believe that this is good business and aligns perfectly with our core values. We hope that you choose us for your junk removal needs.
Horton Hauls Junk is happy to service our communities offering painless junk removal in Toledo area on your schedule.

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