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Carpet Removal

What lurks beneath that carpet? Hardwood floors that have been preserved by that old carpet.  Eager to see what you have underneath; you start to tear a little piece to confirm that your guess was correct. Beautiful hardwood floors ready to be shown to the world or just family in friends.  There is one small problem as you survey the area of your home you realize that you have a substantial amount of square footage with carpet from end to end.

You also noticed that exposing that small piece of carpet requires a lot of energy.  Even if you were to get all the carpet up and rolled the next question is what do I do with it?  What about the padding, the strip tacks, and the nails.  You realize that this will not be a small carpet removal project. Will your city or municipality even take it?  Is there a limit to the amount they will take? 

Carpet removal can be a very laborious, time-consuming, and heavy lifting home project.

Carpet Removal

Our Guarantee

Another factor to consider is who is going to move all that furniture. If you have couches sofas and sectionals, dining room tables, and other heavy pieces of furniture this will add to the complexity of your project. For example, flights of stairs need to be navigated. 

Do you really want to risk damaging your walls or floors by doing it yourself or worse having a guy in a pickup truck with no help or insurance doing the job?
Why not call trained professionals who have years of experience removing carpets and padding from commercial and residential properties.  We regularly train our staff. Our company is licensed and insured. Therefore, our company will pay to fix damage caused by our team. 
We remove all carpet and padding, strip tacks, and nails. Work can be completed that day!

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