Reduce Stress and Save time!

This is a no-brainer! Why Stress?  Why not instead schedule with Horton Hauls Junk?  Life is stressful enough right?  The kid’s, the job, the pandemic, zoom! All these factors can no doubt make your load seemingly impossible.  For this reason, when it comes to junk…Let’s take that off the table.  Horton Hauls Junk can take that load off your shoulders, providing you with outstanding service quick, fast, and in a hurry. Same-day in fact.

Stress Cost

Studies show that stress, although a natural response in our bodies enabling us to deal with challenging circumstances if prolonged, can be dangerous.
We want to remove that element from your life. As previously stated, stress can cost a lot. Nevertheless, we want to help you to reduce your stress when it comes to junk removal in Toledo area.  
You do not have to face that mountain of junk on your own. 
Our professional truck team members will help in any way necessary to get the job done.  This may include, but not limited to helping you sort your items, move furniture out of the way, bagging up your items, you name it, we got you.

Who Has the Time?

We all know that time is money.  At Horton Hauls Junk it is our aim to help you make the best use of your time.  Would you not rather spend quality time with your family and loved ones? 
Freeing up your time for more important matters and affairs is our goal. After all, we aim to please!  
Our service is efficient, effective, and satisfactory.

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Horton Hauls Junk & More makes hauling your unwanted furniture as simple and easy as possible.
Call, Schedule Online, Or Text Us A Photo then relax it’s not rocket science!