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Yard Debris Removal

One of the projects that we often fear the most is the dreaded chore of yard debris removal.  
Depending on the season the elements may even make this task even more brutal. Soaring heat indexes, humidity, the threat of rain, and of course the bugs. 
We know that we must keep our property clean lest our neighbors give us the stare down for not keeping a well-kept property. 
We know maintaining our lawn increases the curb appeal of our home which is essential if trying to sell our house.

So much work to do whether we have to hedge the bushes, trim the tree limbs, chop the trees, rake the leaves, pull weeds, move dirt, and install landscaping the leftover residual material can be enormous. 
After doing all that work it seems that getting rid of it is another job. Who really has the time for all of this? 
Once we get it to the curb if we have enough energy to do that, are we even sure that it will even be picked up? Some municipalities have strict guidelines on what can be taken and how much. We could rent a truck and haul it to our local yard waste collection center if one is available in our area but usually this can take time especially if you are a weekend warrior the lines to dump can be extremely long. Plus with the cost of renting a vehicle and dumping fees, it may be more economical to hire professionals.

Horton Hauls Junk & More wants to help!
We’re Northwest Ohio’s premier junk hauling company serving all of Metro Toledo and Southeast Michigan.

Yard Debris Removal

We Can Take That

Horton Hauls Junk & More will haul away most yard waste and debris from your residential or commercial property including apartments or rentals in Metro Toledo. 
Need a pile of leaves gone we can make it happen; we will happily take bagged leaves as well. Does rotted firewood need to disappear? How about tree limbs, bushes we can haul and dispose of all of it at a reasonable cost. 
We can remove leftover landscape materials such as bricks, stones, and dirt.  Sand, mulch, concrete, fencing, and posts can be removed as well. 
No matter if your yard debris is in the backyard or the front, we will tackle it for you. 
Our professional truck members will show up ready to work and with all the tools needed to remove your yard waste and debris. 
We will work quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to more important things like admiring your yard.

The Horton Hauls Junk & More Difference

Yard waste and debris removal made easy notice the difference:

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