Sage Advice: The Merits of Downsizing!

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Time Waits For No One

There are circumstances in life that cause one to give pause and reflect on words spoken to us from the distant past. Words that at the time spoken resonated and gave pause for examination. Basically, I respect you and I esteem both your wisdom as well as your experience. I understood at that moment that one day I would fully appreciate the value of those words from a dear friend. So, I shelved them. Ah, you’re probably wondering… what was the sage advice I received?

Well, it went something along the lines of “Danielle when you reach your forties, honey it is time to start downsizing!” Yes, that advice came to me from a precious sister-friend who was well into retirement and let’s say over the course of many years had seen a thing or two. She went on to relate how time speeds by and before you know it you’ve reached an age where life’s changes are suddenly upon you, as well as unforeseen circumstances. Not to mention, the inevitable eventuality of all humankind: death, leaving a love one with a house full of stuff to reckon with.

The Realization

Those words have never rung truer in my life than right now. Well into my forties (my…how the time has flown by!), I have experienced a series of life-changing circumstances that caused me to reflect on the wisdom of her words like never before. Aside from a wealth of experiences gained in our venture into the junk removal business, my husband and I learned firsthand the value of this timely advice. Recently, while living in Virginia, we lost 90% of everything we owned to a mold problem.

Whilst I’ll spare you all the hairy details (pun definitely intended), it made us realize that we really didn’t need many of the things we lost! Not even our $$$ Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams pearl leather sectional sofa!! Don’t get me wrong, the thrifty gal that I am landed it for let’s say $. But to be clear, it was flawless, only 2 years old with the papers still stapled to the bottom!!!! (tsk tsk!) OK, I digress…the point is; we had to ask ourselves, “What do we really need to be truly happy?”

When we were getting rid of all our STUFF, I realized that’s all it was, stuff. I mean, I’m clearing out dresser drawers thinking to myself, “Why do we even own this?” Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand clutter, after all, we’re in the junk removal business! The funny thing is, I thought I was a minimalist to some degree. But at the end of the day, I had no idea how much we’d accumulated and how weighed down we felt until we needed to get rid of some of our prized possessions. It was quite liberating actually, if I must say so myself.

Who Has The Time?

Fast forward to today. Several years now having passed with Horton Hauls Junk. We’ve met thousands of people and hauled away thousands of tons of junk. My perspective on STUFF has only become keener, more refined because we have been in the position to help so many people declutter, let go, and move on.

We’ve seen firsthand with our own experience, as well as that of our customers, how this process of decluttering and downsizing can be exhausting, overwhelming, and not to mention time-consuming. I mean, you’re a soccer parent. Do you really have the time or energy to be confronted with Uncle Richard’s 25-year-old 400 lbs. sofa bed on the third floor, for crying out loud?

While it’s true that our society is moving more toward minimalism our parents and their parents…not so much! Let’s face it, they were of the golden generation where nothing was thrown away. Nothing. Not in 50 years! And this is the home which you’ve now been bequeathed. Downsizing is not always an easy thing to do. For some, they’ve simply been given no choice.

Lesson Earned

Horton Hauls Junk has matured me and caused me to grow in empathy. It’s very rewarding to have helped so many individuals whose lives were suddenly changed, and who were overwhelmed by possessions, be it their own or those of someone they love, or quite possibly someone who left them in a lurch. If you find yourself in any of the aforementioned circumstances, or if you’re like me, have reached your forties and find value in “that sage advice” call Horton Hauls Junk today and let us help you with all your junk removal needs!

By Danielle Horton