Why Professional Junk Hauling?

The Junk Conundrum

We live in a do-it-yourself society. Pride in what we can accomplish ourselves is one of the most identifying characteristics of American culture. We like to be able to say, “I did that.” The DIY movement is a perfect example of this. Why pay other people to do what we can do ourselves? This is all well and good up to a point. But most reasonable people accept that it is better to pay a professional to do what we acknowledge is beyond our ability. We can likely change a light bulb. Perhaps with some research and with caution we can wire in a new light fixture. Completely rewiring our house and changing the breaker box, on the other hand? For most of us,
that would be a no. We prefer to do the Electric Slide on the dance floor, and not after hitting a hot wire with pliers on our metal ladder. One accepts that serious electrical work is beyond the scope of our abilities and thus is willing to pay a professional to ensure the work is done correctly and well. What about junk hauling? You may ask yourself, “Who calls somebody else to come throw their junk away for them?”

The Reasons for Hiring A Junk Removal Company

Well, the answer is there are many people with varying circumstances. There are elderly people who just don’t have the physical strength to move heavy things around anymore. There are those whose relatives have died and whose house is full of stuff that must be cleared away. There are parents whose children have left home for good, leaving rooms of furniture that could be put to better use. Sometimes people have moved on short notice and need to arrange for the clean-out of their old house, apartment, or storage unit. Who uses professional junk hauling? 

Everyday people who realize that because of their circumstances or abilities they need to hire a professional to do the work for them. Even people with the ability and circumstances to remove their own junk come to see that there are hurdles to what should be a simple process. For example, many municipalities have complicated rules about what can be disposed of and when. In some places, you must make an appointment for bulk trash pickup and you cannot put the junk out until a few hours before that appointment. In other places, a bulk collection program does not exist and homeowners can face fines or fees for leaving junk curbside. The same applies for people who live in apartment complexes—the penalties can be steep for dumping around dumpsters.

So why not load up a truck and head to the landfill yourself? Not so fast—although the rules vary by where you live, most often you cannot just drive up to a landfill and dump. If they accept household waste at all (there are some that don’t), many of them require you to register an account, and then you must pay a fee. These obstacles are exactly why professional junk hauling companies exist. Why professional junk hauling in Toledo? And more specifically, why Horton Hauls Junk?

The Practical Solution

Simply put, we take care of all the headaches—the labor, the clean-up, the disposal, the recycling, the donation, every aspect of junk removal. You don’t even have to drag your junk to the curb. Our uniformed truck team will carefully remove it from wherever it is on the property. With same day service as well—no waiting a week or two for an appointment, unless you want to schedule in advance, which we can also do.

One thing that we sometimes hear from customers is, “This service costs a little bit more than I expected.” We hear you. At the end of the day, Horton Hauls Junk is a small local business with employees who work hard. Our core philosophy is that hard-working people deserve a living wage. Even so, our prices are extremely competitive! 

What do you get when you pay for professional hauling with Horton Hauls Junk? Instead of random guys with a pickup truck from who-knows-where traipsing through your house, you get uniformed, drug-tested and background checked haulers who are courteous and respectful. We train them to remove items carefully without causing damage, and they clean up after performing the service.

Our company is licensed and insured, giving our customers peace of mind that they are dealing with a legitimate business. And our customer service is top-notch. Just consult our Google reviews with a five-star rating average.

So when it comes to junk hauling, do you do-it-yourself or do you call the professionals? Weigh the pros and cons against your abilities and circumstances. If you find, as many people have, that it’s worth it to call in a professional service, go with the company with the best customer service and the most competitive prices. Go with the best in the business: Horton Hauls Junk!